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Remotix VNC RDP Remote Desktop

9.95 usd

Remotix is a fast & secure remote desktop tool to access your computer from anywhere via VNC and RDP.General Features • Apple Screen Sharing, VNC and RDP, including RD Gateway• Connect from anywhere to any computer with Remotix Cloud technology;• Automatic clipboard synchronization• SSH tunneling with both password and public key auth• Discover all nearby machines using Bonjour, NetBIOS and LAN scanners• Wake-On-LAN• Uses hardware accelerated rendering
Control Interface• Full set of multi-touch gestures to pan, zoom, drag, right click & scroll• Point-and-click or touchpad-mode remote desktop control• Hardware and bluetooth keyboard support • Complete international character input• Extended keyboard to access copy/paste, function and navigation keys• Take and share the screenshots of the remote machine
If you are connecting to Windows:• RD Gateway & load-balancing configurations• Sound playback & recording• Your device filesystem redirection• Network speed autodetection for the best performance over 3G or LAN• Secure NLA authentication• RDP over SSH
If you are connecting to a Mac: • Five quality modes, including adaptive for average and slow Internet connections • Multi-display configuration selection, combined or each display individually• VNC Password and Mac OS X authentication methods• Server-side picture scaling, improving interaction speed• Easy multi-language keyboard input using "Keyboard through Clipboard" mode • Remote screen locking• Access to hidden dock or menu
If you are connecting to Windows or Linux over VNC:• Tested and works well with UltraVNC, TightVNC, RealVNC, VMWare, TigerVNC and x11vnc servers • TLS encryption and VeNCrypt authentication (ProxMox & TurboVNC)• UltraVNC Microsoft Windows Logon authentication • x11vnc -ncache mode support